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Managed Services

Managed Services

Seamless outsourced process support


Organisations are under increasing pressure to efficiently drive operations. The inherent need to find alternative delivery models to satisfy customer and regulatory demands, reduce costs and deliver quality outcomes is growing rapidly. CubeMatch Managed Services (CMMS) is a bespoke integrated service that provides clients with proven processes and methodologies enabling them to outsource an aspect of their business to a trusted third party.

In sharing or passing the responsibility of a defined, discrete set of services or an agreed function, an organisation can increase operational efficiency, proactively address concerns, prevent issues and de-risk that function or service.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals that can be scaled to suit individual client needs and our Managed Services team will proactively address any concerns while preventing issues and removing risk.

Where We Add Value

  • Tailor-made service models and scalable infrastructure that makes it easy for our clients to respond to change.
  • Powering change in time and resourcing efficiencies, enabling our clients to focus on valuable activities for the business.
  • Specialist knowledge of Market-leading technologies and platforms with the expertise of highly sophisticated banking systems that are commercially unattractive to build or maintain in house.
  • We provide execution expertise with a team of specialist resources to deliver best-in-class service for all engagements.
  • Partnering with us will ensure cost reductions and enhanced financial planning through our use of a predictable pricing model that can be scaled up or down as required.
  • A global network and access to worldwide expertise to provide Managed Services solutions that continue to power change for your organisation.

The CubeMatch Approach

  • Engagement – Clear understanding of initial requirements established. Service solution defined and proposal submitted.
  • Assessment & Design – Assessment of risk and confirmation of the CMMS scope. System access arranged initial solution produced followed by detailed solution design. Governance process agreed and confirmation on location and workspace requirements of the team are established.
  • Mobilisation – Clear look at drivers and assessment of “as is” position and a Network topology plan is established.
  • Transition – Handover to CMMS team, phased migration established. The solution is confirmed, and quality checkpoints are formalised.
  • Run the Service – Strengthening and stabilisation of the service, agreed benefits and outcomes delivered - continually providing the “Multiplier Effect”.

Client Onboarding

CubeMatch was hired by a German Banking Group to build a standalone document repository with an associated workflow, to manage Client Onboarding.

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Client Onboarding
Andrew Seymour

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Andrew has over 20 years’ legal and commercial experience in the Management and Development of Business and IT consulting propositions, having been directly responsible for multimillion global capital markets accounts with a primary focus on Investment, Commercial and Private Banking. Andrew has consistently built and managed successful teams from definition of target operating models to implementation of multiyear business plans with areas of expertise including Business Turnaround, New Client and Competitor Acquisition, Business Development, Marketing, Operations, Legal and Finance. 

In his current role as UK Managing Director, Andrew is responsible for the entire UK Business whilst also taking direct ownership for the International Managed Services Practice.

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