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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in Experienced Hands


The challenge that a business faces is to meet the increasing pressure of tight deadlines while maintaining quality. In today’s world getting to market right is the top priority, not getting to market first. Traditional testing while critical is also costly. Businesses need the ability to predict quality upfront. 

With the application of experience in shaping quality and controlling costs through a Test-Driven approach CubeMatch helps clients build a quality culture building a right-first-time mindset.

As thought leaders in the field of Quality Assurance we run test departments, establish Agile practices, and implement automation initiatives across tier 1 customers in the Financial Services, FinTech, Telecommunications, and Insurance globally.

From large scale programmes to individual agile teams, we manage and deliver Test Automation, Test Management, Agile Test Resources, Team Leads and Agile Manual Analysts.

Our Senior team are leaders and highly experienced practitioners in Quality Assurance.

Where we add value

  • We are Global, We manage Local: with offices in Dublin, London, Amsterdam and Singapore we have global capability that is centrally managed through Dublin HQ.
  • We don’t “do” Agile; we are Agile.
  • Provision and management of experienced agile testers, scrum masters, product owners and experts in Selenium & HP tool-sets.
  • We Believe in “Test First” principles. Engage with us whether you are looking to test legacy systems, new technology stack, performance test Apps, or change your entire approach to QA.
  • We Automate first. We drive automation programmes and initiatives to deliver a comprehensive service with immediate realisation of benefits.
  • If your target is to eliminate regression testing and the associated costs, then talk to us.
  • We are the experts. We help determine whether your software meets response, scalability, and stability requirements.
  • We have experts who can evaluate the latest toolsets and how they may integrate into your current pipeline.
  • We have the vision. We guide, lead and evaluate any quality initiatives. We review your current QA capabilities to roadmap the future priorities.
  • We have the experience and can provide advice, guidance and implementation of QA capabilities within your organisation, from QA department set-up and governance to digital transformation of your QA service into an agile customer focused team.
  • We have the track record. Senior practitioners who have a track history of large-scale quality deliveries.
  • We have the resources. We can fully supply your test team needs including supply and management of Testers, Test Leads and Test Managers. We also specialise in managing teams from multiple vendors.

The CubeMatch Approach

Our teams have delivered everything from real time, satellite-based flight critical systems to new digital banking apps for the consumer market.  

We do this by building a Quality Culture across the full team. Quality is everyone's responsibility, and we specialise in spreading and embedding that message in your teams. We build a quality culture not just test teams. 

We deliver value through:

  • “Test First” approaches to development such as BDD, TDD.
  • “Automation First” approach to Quality (Eliminating the need for costly regression testing).
  • Predictable quality and reliability from the outset that is repeatable and sustainable.

Quality Assurance & Testing In Practice

A Quality Assurance team was required to work on a satellite-based aircraft system that included real-time mission critical updates for pilots in the air. Largely a Dev/Ops house, the need for test resources was somewhat reluctantly agreed.

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Quality Assurance & Testing In Practice
Fergal O'Riordan

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Fergal O’Riordan is Director of Quality Assurance and has 25 years’ experience in Quality Assurance and Testing. He has led departments of 250+ resources down to small agile teams. Believing that culture is the game-changer, Fergal’s favourite quote is: “Never doubt that a small committed group can change the world, in fact it’s the only thing that ever really has”.

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