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Data and Technology

Data, a future growth lever


Change portfolios are becoming increasingly more complex and diverse with pressure coming from all sides to become fit for the future – not just to meet traditional challenges of cost, and regulation, but to navigate new technologies and innovation to adapt and progress, further and faster . Leveraging data analytics and digital technology is critical for businesses to drive growth and innovation and build competitive advantage.  We have considerable experience in data analytics, using empirical analysis, to help support and drive solution design and deliver concrete business outcomes. 

The data within an organisation can improve revenue generation and cost management. At CubeMatch we take a data first approach. Understanding what you have will help create value.

Data & Technical Enabled Delivery

We have an extensive record of delivering new business capabilities, through technology transformations.

  • Core system transformation,
  • Digitalisation and multi-channel development,
  • Payment solutions,
  • Fintech design and implementation,
  • Mobile solutions.

Where We Add Value

  • Data engineering carried out by certified professionals.
  • Data analytics and business reporting solutions.
  • Azure certified data scientists and engineering professionals.
  • Domain architecture services: Security; Infrastructure; Cloud, Payments & Banking.
  • Configuration management and DevOps expertise.

CubeMatch Approach

We deliver value in different ways:

  • By building internal environments that foster a culture of continuous improvement,
  • By rewiring and reengineering organisations for greater agility and speed to market,
  • By delivering change that sticks against a backdrop of continuous regulatory changes, technology advancements and competitor moves.

Customer Intelligence and Risk Identification

CubeMatch data analysts developed a capability to probe the client’s raw data with the aim of generating a Customer Intelligence report containing high level information and drill-down capability to more granular data.

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Customer Intelligence and Risk Identification
John Zoetekouw

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John Zoetekouw is the Practice lead For Risk Data services. He has extensive professional experience working with global clients on projects around finance and risk data for regulatory reporting and management information purposes, that includes strategic advice and implementation on data sourcing and analytics. Specific areas of expertise include enterprise data strategy and data governance, master data management and leading data scientist and sourcing teams. John has over 25 years of experience executing complex data and technology-driven projects and has worked at senior level on a range of time-critical and finance & risk data projects. With extensive experience in the Financial Services industry, John is expert at delivering successful projects that meet stakeholders’ expectations.

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