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Discover Our Consultants

Discover Our Consultants

Their CubeMatch Journey

Working for Cubematch

Our employees are at the core of the CubeMatch brand. Over the years we have successfully built a community of over 400 experienced and delivery focused professionals. CubeMatch is stronger thanks to the diverse skills, experiences and backgrounds of its people. 

Discover some of their stories:

David Perez (Ireland) David Perez (Ireland)

“I joined CubeMatch in February 2022 as Finance Administrator and Account Assistant. 

Here at CubeMatch, the teamwork and sense of community are very strong. I have received a lot of support from my peers and mentor. I have also learned a lot about how to implement value for our clients.”

Federica Di Vita (Ireland) Federica Di Vita (Ireland)

“I joined CubeMatch Ireland in 2022 as Talent Acquisition Specialist and was then promoted to Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist a few months in. Since day one, I have felt very welcomed and supported by the company and the Talent Acquisition Team. I have recently transferred to the HR department, working as HR Coordinator. I am very grateful to CubeMatch for trusting my talent and giving me this new growth opportunity. ”

Karan Tak (Ireland) Karan Tak (Ireland)

“I joined CubeMatch as a Junior Consultant in 2022 after obtaining my Master’s in Management. Since my first day in the company, I have been constantly learning and experiencing compassion and support from both staff and senior management team. 

CubeMatch possesses numerous opportunities for young people, and provides proficient and highly experienced mentors to guide us in the right direction.”

Eddie Murphy (Ireland) Eddie Murphy (Ireland)

“I have over 47 years IT experience and 32 years of experience in Banking / Financial systems. I currently work with BOI in the Payments team as a Senior Business Analyst. I am now into my 8th year and have worked with CubeMatch before the company was formed.

I would absolutely recommend CubeMatch and have done so many times. Some of CubeMatch’s qualities are their family ethos and their core value of recruiting only the best.”

Karen Davis (Ireland) Karen Davis (Ireland)

"I joined CubeMatch in August 2022 as a Junior Consultant after completing my Master’s in Business Management. Straight away there was an overwhelming feeling of support as I started my career. 

The opportunities for personal and professional development are endless for young graduates. The company's sustained success is undoubtedly attributed to the balance of work and social life. "

John Connolly (Ireland) John Connolly (Ireland)

“Before my project management MBA, I was a landscape architect. I joined CubeMatch in 2015 and I now work as a PM in BOI. CubeMatch has always felt like a family, they took a chance on me despite not having a finance background.

CubeMatch is an open, family orientated company that looks after its people. Along with career development there is also a very social vibe.”

Fiona Kerr (Ireland) Fiona Kerr (Ireland)

”I joined CubeMatch in 2021 as a junior consultant. Working in CubeMatch has been a highly rewarding start to my career in finance.

I have felt very supported throughout my time with the company and have had vast opportunities to develop both personally and professionally.”

Barry Murphy (Ireland) Barry Murphy (Ireland)

“I’m a Business Analyst who joined CubeMatch over 5 years ago, initially as a contractor before becoming a permanent member of staff. I joined soon after leaving college where I earned a degree in Business and Politics.

CubeMatch is a growing, ambitious company that has a great balance of youth and experience. CubeMatch mentors and challenges its staff with a hands-on approach to employee development, but also ensures a great social culture with regular events.“

Felipe Miniskiskosky (Ireland) Felipe Miniskiskosky (Ireland)

”After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and having worked in the Finance industry, I moved to Ireland to learn English and pursue self-development through an International Exchange program. In Ireland, I got the opportunity to work in Quality Assurance testing while gaining invaluable experience in Keywords Studios and Activision Blizzard.

Thanks to CubeMatch, I feel I have consolidated this transition, where I can now align my finance skills to QA testing.”

Inga Chaban (Ireland) Inga Chaban (Ireland)

”I joined CubeMatch as a QA Engineer in May 2022, from day one I received a great support from my colleagues and mentor.

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work and develop as a specialist in a successful and expanding company such as CubeMatch.”

Ronan Hall (Ireland) Ronan Hall (Ireland)

”I joined CubeMatch in July 2022 after completing my Masters degree in Strategic Management.

From day one, the exposure to real life client projects alongside in-house training and support, has been invaluable to my professional development.”

Adil Vural (Netherlands) Adil Vural (Netherlands)

“During a previous assignment I met some CubeMatch consultants. Their methods, skills and abilities was a deciding factor in my decision to join CubeMatch. Thanks to the great teamwork and a great deal of flexibility, I immediately felt part of the team.

Assignments are professional and executed purposefully. As a CubeMatch consultant, I currently work in a multidisciplinary team of data analysts, credit risk modellers, developers and advanced tooling in the financial risk domain.”

Annemarijn Handgraaf (Netherlands) Annemarijn Handgraaf (Netherlands)

“I have worked with CubeMatch Benelux since its inception in May 2018 and I’m now working on my second assignment for the company.

CubeMatch provides excellent guidance and support when transitioning between assignments.

CubeMatch is a great place to work, full of interesting people with a wide diversity of knowledge and expertise.”

Mujtaba Khan (UK) Mujtaba Khan (UK)

”I joined CubeMatch in April 2022 as a Junior Consultant after graduating with a Bachelor's in Accounting and Finance.

The CubeMatch Academy enlightened me on the many career paths available and what is required of me to pursue them. I look forward to building my career and developing new skills along the way with CubeMatch.”

Grant Donaldson (UK) Grant Donaldson (UK)

“After graduating in Economics with a 1st, I started my career with CubeMatch as a Consultant Analyst. During my time with CubeMatch , I have been mentored and trained at the CubeMatch Academy. 

This provided me with the tools and knowledge to consult within CubeMatch‘s vast client base. 

I have been successfully placed in financial consulting roles, which have provided me with valuable insights to the banking world and enabled further career development.”

Grahame Boniface (UK) Grahame Boniface (UK)

“CubeMatch came highly recommended to me through a colleague. I was delighted to take on a role in Frankfurt. 

After starting, the level of support, kindness and consideration extended to me was way beyond what I had experienced previously. CubeMatch embraces and supports all of its consultants. 

The beneficiaries of this unique approach are CubeMatch’s clients. Having enjoyed this refreshingly positive environment, I made the obvious decision to join the company.”