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About CubeMatch

About CubeMatch

Who are we?

Company History

CubeMatch is a global change and transformation consultancy, powering change for Financial Services.

CubeMatch combines world-class expertise in Financial Services with rich capabilities in all aspects of change and transformation, helping clients to be more effective today while creating value for tomorrow.

For over two decades, CubeMatch have successfully built a global firm that is uniquely equipped to deliver pragmatic and business-focused results, with over 400 staff globally.

More recently, CubeMatch Claritaz (our branch based in India) has rebranded as CubeMatch Technologies to further strengthen CubeMatch’s global services offering to our client base. CubeMatch Technologies is a software development and testing company providing agile software development, digital transformation, QA and managed services, to learn more:

Our head office is located in Dublin and CubeMatch (Ireland) Ltd registered company address is: 9 Dunboy, Brighton Road, Foxrock Dublin D18 P5K7. For all our trading and business addresses, email and phone numbers, please refer to the Contact Us page for details:

Our Values

Our Values

Always evolving : We embrace and quickly adapt to change, striving to connect new ideas with business realities.

Reliably trustworthy : You place your trust in us & we endeavor to always deliver no matter how big or small your challenge is.

Relentlessly innovative : We are adventurous and inventive, we never stop questioning – “What if?”, “Why not?” – so we never let an opportunity pass us by.

Together is better : We collaborate, we engage, we draw strength from our differences, believing the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Powering Change

Powering Change

At CubeMatch, our mission revolves around Powering change.

From our dedication to accelerating change for our clients to nurturing our team members' growth, actively contributing to our communities, and upholding our values of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) along with our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities.  We are committed to powering a positive change in all these areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is the aim of CubeMatch as a company to continually strive to behave ethically, to respect the environment and to contribute to sustainable economic development. 

We aim to ensure that we have a positive impact on the quality of life of all CubeMatch personnel. 

We understand the importance of engaging positively with the local community. 



At CubeMatch we believe “we are stronger together”. 

Our people are at the heart of our company. 

We support our consultants, helping them thrive and unlock their full potential. 

The unique CubeMatch Community is built on our consultants' diverse skills, experiences and backgrounds, which creates greater value for both business and clients.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Our people are the very essence of CubeMatch’s success. 

CubeMatch is committed to respecting diversity and inclusion for the benefits of its employees, associates and clients. We recruit people with a variety of backgrounds, experiences and skill sets. 

We embrace and celebrate all our employees and associates equally. 

Our Management Team


Thomas Melville
Group CEO & Head of CubeMatch Ireland Thomas Melville
Jacob Koshy
Group CFO Jacob Koshy
Tom Lane
Group COO Tom Lane
Keith Moran
Group CTO Keith Moran
Leslie Duckett
Group CRO Leslie Duckett
Bernie Chamberlaine
Group HR, Legal & Compliance Bernie Chamberlaine
Jamie Bose
Group Talent Management Jamie Bose
Niamh Farrell
Group Operations Niamh Farrell
Justine Tournier
Group Marketing & CSR Justine Tournier
Fergal O'Riordan
Group Quality Assurance & Testing Fergal O'Riordan

United Kingdom

Andrew Seymour
Head of Business Development Andrew Seymour
Mike Hampson
Head of Fincrime Mike Hampson
Francis Kiwanuka
Head of Risk Management Francis Kiwanuka
Elizabeth Kent
Head of Business Management Elizabeth Kent
Chynna Page
HR & Contract Services Manager Chynna Page


John Zoetekouw
CubeMatch Benelux CEO John Zoetekouw
Annemarijn Handgraaf
Head of Business Consultancy Annemarijn Handgraaf
Britty Roodenburg
Business Development Director Britty Roodenburg
Peter Marsh
Business Development Manager Peter Marsh


Santhosh Kumar
CubeMatch Technologies India CEO Santhosh Kumar
Mohan Thilak
CMO/Head of Business Dev. (APAC/ANZ) Mohan Thilak
Raju Packianathan
CSO Raju Packianathan
Bala Subramanian
CTO Bala Subramanian
Prakash Kalaiselvam
CDO Prakash Kalaiselvam
Shaju Thomas
Head of DevOps & Test Automation Shaju Thomas

Other Regions

Jacob Koshy
Head of CubeMatch Germany Jacob Koshy
Andrew Jacob
Head of CubeMatch Singapore Andrew Jacob
Mohan Thilak
CMO/Head of Business Dev. (APAC/ANZ) Mohan Thilak
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