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Regulatory Roadmap 2023 Regulatory Roadmap 2023 20 th September 2023

CubeMatch consultants have highlighted what is coming next on the Regulatory landscape for Europe, the UK and Internationally within a Regulatory Roadmap.

Celebrating 20 years of consultancy services Celebrating 20 years of consultancy services 20 th September 2023

September 2023 marks a wonderful milestone for CubeMatch: the celebration of 20 years of consultancy services! Originating in September 2003, CubeMatch’s first consulting work began with ING in London via Dr. Jacob Koshy and Peter Leech. The RXM decommissioning project prompted our work at ABN Amro with Raj Basra, followed by our UBS work and, subsequently, our expansion.

A Green New World Opinion Paper A Green New World Opinion Paper 19 th September 2023

The increasing public ecological awakening has led businesses, governments, and stakeholders to take a growing interest in the Sustainable world. Corporate Sustainability has been evolving around one key concept: ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). In the midst of this “Green New World”, we all wonder if ESG is here to stay or just another fad not meant to last.

SAP Offering Brochure SAP Offering Brochure 18 th September 2023

CubeMatch is very pleased to announce that we are now an operational SAP service partner. Financial services firms are modernising their technology systems, automating to drive down costs and adapting the user experience to meet rapidly changing customer expectations. That’s why CubeMatch has launched its SAP practice, bringing together their industry expertise, global change experience and SAP capabilities.

Payments Brochure Payments Brochure 12 th September 2023

As the Payments area evolves, the industry must keep pace with the advances in technology, changing consumer preferences, and industry regulations, as these will shape the direction in the future. CubeMatch focuses on providing an End-to-End Payments Implementation service for financial services companies.

Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter 5 th July 2023

CubeMatch has become an early signatory to Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter, a commitment to achieve greater gender inclusivity and balance across all levels.

Europe-Wide Confirmation of Payee (CoP) Europe-Wide Confirmation of Payee (CoP) 15 th June 2023

Discover the Europe-Wide Confirmation of Payee article written by Bob Ford, a panelist at our latest panel discussion event: “Instant Payments - Data, Fraud and Sanction Checking”.