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Business & Digital Transformation

Business and Digital Transformation

Sustaining your Business Advantage in the Digital Age


Current financial services technology is struggling to keep pace with business & customer expectations. Competitive threats from digital natives, exacerbated by a changing regulatory environment, combine to add cost and complexity to operations​.

Our experience in accelerating financial services change programmes, while utilising the latest processes and tools for business agility, substantially improves business value and successful delivery of your strategic initiatives.

Whether you are looking to modernise your legacy systems, launch new digital services, optimise your culture for a change programme, or redesign and automate business processes - we can help!

Where We Add Value

  • Our consultants have the required skills & experience to motivate, mentor and advise on how best to align with customers’ needs.
  • Empower agile teams with the tools and knowledge to foster a culture of continuous improvement and transformation from within.
  • Our experts have in depth knowledge of the challenges with operational processes, regulation, and legacy technology – helping you leverage the modern processes and tools.
  • Modernising legacy systems and traditional technology delivery methods, while dealing with the challenges of data integration with new systems.
  • Launching a new digital banking service, providing guidance through the regulatory approval process, while establishing a robust operational, data and technology platform to support the new service.
  • Applying agile delivery frameworks and DevOps to help transform legacy operational processes in financial services organisations.
  • Quality agility assessments to help organisations take stock on their digital journeys and how they can further exploit Quality first and automated processes to improve delivery to their customers.

The CubeMatch Approach

  • Quality Agility Assessment - Take stock of digital journey and drive forward with new initiatives in quality driven development and delivery.
  • Business Agility - Apply our extensive experience with Agile Frameworks to adapt SAFe, Scrum, LEAN or Kanban methods to meet your organisation’s needs.
  • Delivery Methods - Our team of DevOps & cloud experts will guide clients through tool selection & coordination and mitigate against poor process design.
  • Process & Tools - The right tools, used correctly by trained resources accelerates productivity, significantly reduces cost & improves quality of delivery.
  • Data as Foundation - Data should be a core platform in Digital Transformation. We advise on data strategy & integration, helping you to analyse and improve the journey.

Business & Digital Transformation in practice

CubeMatch was hired to coordinate the IT Transformation Project in a major Irish Credit Union.

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Business & Digital Transformation in practice
Tom Lane

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Tom Lane is a senior executive with over 20 years’ experience in Financial Services. He has successfully led large complex change and transformation programmes from both the organisation and vendor perspective. His key strengths are his drive and resilience - having worked in very challenging and demanding environments where he has a strong record of high performance and delivering results. Tom also has extensive international experience in IT solution delivery and is currently a Director with CubeMatch. 

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