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IASA Architects Conference 2019 14th June 2019

CubeMatch Ireland was proud to sponsor and attend this year’s IT Architects Conference organised by the Irish branch of the IASA (International Association of Software Architects). This annual conference is an opportunity for IT architects to meet and share insights and experiences of delivering innovation across a variety of industries.

The conference was attended by around 100 IT architects and technologies, including Ray Moran and Andrew Thompson from CubeMatch. This year’s topic was Digital Diversity and Transformation covering a range of interesting and insightful talks including Data Protection, Fintech, 5G, IT Governance, Machine Learning, AI and many more.

John MacHale (Digital Transformation and Technology Consultant) made a strong opening sharing the challenges he has experienced in the successful implementation of a DevOps culture in organisations.

Mark Sage (Executive Director of AREA) gave an interesting update on the future and benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) solutions in business.

There was also a strong focus on Cyber Security and GDPR compliance solutions, offered by one of the co-sponsors, Wizuda.

Coman Fullard (Head of Digital Strategy at Continuum) gave us insights on how to deliver digital transformation through User Experience Design, followed by the emerging mobile 5G standard (Gareth Hunt) and a closing panel discussion.

The afternoon focused on Enterprise Data Management (Henry King - Data Architect), which linked well with the Tips and Techniques to successfully develop ChatBot solutions for businesses (David Curran - Machine Learning Engineer at OpenJaw Technologies).

The day closed with sessions covering the end to end Software Development LifeCycle from Cormac Keogh (Senior Architect with Central Bank), followed by an update on the key elements which have seen successful roll-out of mobile technology to support the Garda Traffic Corp by Paddy Baxter (Senior Architect working with the Garda project).

Clare Dillon (Technology Evangelist) and Gar Mac Críosta (Founder of Business Model Adventures) finished with an insightful talk on the key challenges for architects.

“It was a very interesting day. We very much enjoyed the diverse presentations. IT architecture remains a maturing IT discipline and the conference – now in its 5th year – is a great vehicle to network and share experiences.” Andrew Thompson and Ray Moran