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A Digital Journey, How CubeMatch can help

A Digital Journey, How CubeMatch can help

CubeMatch engages with companies embarking on their digital journey and companies already on-route.

CubeMatch delivered an Agile Maturity Assessment service tailored to take the client team to the next level and set out a roadmap to excellence. The Agility Maturity Assessment is a unique service which can serve decision makers in transforming their development organisation.

This case study showcases our experience with a number of clients in the Fintech area.  

The service evaluated the following focus points : Delivery Culture, Methodology (SCRUM, BDD, etc), Development and Release, Cadence DevOps Path to Live enablement, Organisational structure and skills matrix, Toolset Fit (Current and Future), Planning and Execution capability, Collaboration enablement, Quality Governance.

To access and read the full case study: A DIGITAL JOURNEY, HOW CUBEMATCH CAN HELP – CASE STUDY.