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Data Quality Review

Data Quality Review


CubeMatch provided Business Analysts to support the migration of the Irish loan data to a new offshore loan administration system. The Business Analysts were responsible for ensuring the quality of loan data and were part of the Irish data quality team responsible for identifying and reconciling load errors. CubeMatch worked seamlessly with the stakeholders and staff and ensured that the data review was completed ahead of schedule, allowing the Business Analysts to assist in the delivery of another project.

CubeMatch Deliverables

  • Simple bespoke methodology for the specific project requirements including quality and deadlines
  • New semi-automated quality review template to assist client staff in their review
  • Issue resolution to ensure completion of data preparation for onboarding
  • Documentation of lessons learned from root cause analysis providing technical and business operations improvements
  • Input to portfolio strategies based on assessment of loan data quality

CubeMatch Approach

  • Initial review of data quality to define customer’s quality requirements and to establish current quality baseline
  • Implementation of simple but effective tool to work more efficiently
  • Reconciliation of data and application of fixes. Simultaneous conduct of root cause analysis of anomalies
  • Focused planning and control to deliver project within defined timelines
  • Positive and collaborative engagement with staff and all stakeholders

Benefits Delivered

  • Assurance of data quality for onboarding to new system
  • Confidence underpinned by confirmation of root causes of data anomalies
  • Simple but very effective and reusable tool provided
  • Added value: experienced consultants’ ability to cross-utilise skills provided on other client projects