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A Green New World - Opinion Paper

Our world is currently facing extreme global threats with Climate Change, pandemics, increasing inequalities, resource depletion, ecosystem destruction, deforestation, air, land and water pollution, alongside more and more endangered species getting closer to extinction. For the past 60 years, we have witnessed disaster after disaster, with experts warning us about a fast-approaching Climate Crisis.

The Climate Crisis is here and stronger than ever, demanding urgent global actions and systemic changes to halt it. There is a growing public awareness of the change needed to save the planet, to allow current and future generations to thrive while living harmoniously with their environment. More recently, a lot of new technologies, green initiatives and sustainable concepts have started to emerge, offering the promise of a Green New World.

The increasing public ecological awakening has led businesses, governments, and stakeholders to take a growing interest in the Sustainable world. Corporate Sustainability has been evolving around one key concept: ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). In the midst of this “Green New World”, we all wonder if ESG is here to stay or just another fad not meant to last.

To access the full paper: A Green New World? Opinion Paper