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Leadership tips during COVID-19 crisis 2nd April 2020

The new reality during this global pandemic is that we need to adapt fast to put different strategies in place. These tips are for businesses, CEO’s and managers on how to effectively lead in these unprecedented times.

1) The new reality & trying to foresee what might come next

Very few people anticipated the sheer magnitude of this health crisis and the effect it would have on the economy. The few who felt that decisions needed to be made quickly implemented changes in an effort to lessen impacts did so by:

Now is the time for leaders to step up with courage and actions by being supportive and providing help and guidance to their people.

2) Communication

We live in uncertain times and now communication and maintaining connections with employees and stakeholders is vital. Keep open the lines of communication and be honest by informing your employees of impacts to the business and the positive measures you are taking to minimise impacts. By being open and transparent you ensure trust and respect and help to prevent panic among all those you engage with. To maintain communication in your company :

Maintaining communication with the wider community :

Communication is the key to getting us through this difficult time so take the time and stay in touch.

3) Company culture

Everyone is affected in this crisis and now more than ever it is essential to look after the people and the culture that keeps them together. We need to work at keeping company culture strong so that it helps us maintain our core values and mission. This is what drives us and will help us succeed even in uncertain times. A strong positive culture creates a united front and helps us refocus our efforts. Maintaining it sustains our business and drives our employees to demonstrate our commitment to our clients and to the wider community.

Our company culture has never been so important.

4) Strategic support

Support is always important but never more so than now. CEO’s, Directors and Boards must stay in contact and provide the support to those who need to make tough decisions. Keep strategy discussion to the forefront of your conversations and make sure you can adapt and evolve to any changes you anticipate coming down the line.

Involving the right people with the right attitude in your business strategy will pay dividends.

5) Proactivity

We are all facing challenges in the short and medium term while still looking for emerging business opportunities. Being forward thinking and proactive will help stay ahead of the curve and will give your company a competitive advantage.

The key is getting the balance right between what we faced before and what we will face in the future.


These times are unprecedented, and leaders can now step up and demonstrate their true leadership qualities.

For more information and guidelines on COVID-19 please visit the HSE website :