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CubeMatch Earth Month Challenge 2022

CubeMatch Earth Month Challenge 2022
19th July 2022

After a successful first edition focusing on Environment and Wildlife Conservation, this year’s challenge focus was Marine Conservation. As we all know, our oceans and seas are being polluted and overused more and more; so many endangered species are on the verge of extinction; plastic pollution is skyrocketing; and more than 250 million people depend on ocean ecosystems for coastal protection and livelihoods. We do still have time to save our oceans and seas; and we can all contribute to the effort. 

This staff challenge supported Seal Rescue Ireland, a charity specialising in seal and seal pup rescue and rehabilitation based in County Wexford (the only seal rescue centre within the Republic of Ireland).

Staff chose actions, goals they wanted to follow for the month to reduce their impact on the environment, and some staff family members even participated in some of the actions:

  • Planting trees, veggies and/or flowers
  • Growing fruits, vegetables, culinary herbs
  • Shopping only seasonal and local produces
  • Reducing their water, electricity and car usage
  • Picking up litter while walking
  • Buying eco-friendly products
  • Eating less meat and/or fish
  • Recycling better, composting etc…

Thanks to our 27 participants, a donation of €675 was gifted to Seal Rescue Ireland.

Well done to all the participants for their fantastic commitment, this really shows that even “a little goes a long way” and that we can all do our part and contribute to the protection of our environment and our planet!

To learn more about Seal Rescue Ireland and their work: