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Community Youth Sewing 31st July 2019

CubeMatch staff like to get involved in their local Communities and Rachel Lawal, CubeMatch UK Head of Marketing provides CubeMatch sponsored sewing sessions for the Children in Battersea, England.

As part of the CubeMatch Community Involvement Initiative we strive to make a positive impact in the Community.

These sessions brought together local children and their parents from Christ Church and St Stephen’s to learn new skills and have a great time in a positive and supportive environment.

Rachel has a qualification in Fashion and Millinery and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

Sewing is a lifelong skill and the session provided a way to get away from smart devices and take time to focus minds in a way that often does not happen.

“The children had a great time and were very proud of their achievements ! It is always a wonderful thing when you can encourage young people to focus their minds on producing something and also sparking an interest to learn new skills.” Rachel Lawal