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PSD2 Programme Delivery

PSD2 Programme Delivery


CubeMatch provided a range of delivery, business and technology specialists to support delivery of the PSD2 Payments Programme. The PSD2 Programme encompasses a significant digital and technology uplift involving significant change across the business. CubeMatch worked seamlessly with the client stakeholders and staff, providing expertise and leadership to develop a robust programme and meeting the original milestone plans.

CubeMatch Deliverables

  • Overall programme plan and delivery schedule
  • Developed a robust programme structure of eight work streams that were linked yet independently deliverable​
  • End-to-end solution design aligned with the delivery work streams and IT delivery projects​
  • Clear governance framework aligned with technical design oversight and client governance frameworks​

CubeMatch Approach

  • Provided key senior programme leads, covering programme management, solution architecture and governance, fraud monitoring and test / QA
  • Devised a well-structured programme with clearly understood checkpoints and stakeholder review points
  • Provided key early deliverable of end-to-end solution design, encompassing all programme deliverables
  • Focused on clear business requirements and input to IT agile delivery process
  • Provided a well-structured system and user acceptance testing framework
  • Ensured a positive and collaborative engagement with all business and IT stakeholders

Benefits Delivered

  • Met compliance timeline
  • Stakeholder confidence through well-structured programme and delivery underpinned by clear decision-making
  • Quality deliverables underpinned by consultants with relevant change and payment domain experience and supported by an experienced management team