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Banking Transformation Deployment

Banking Transformation Deployment


A Release and Deployment team was required to support a Bank’s transformation programme and the transition of a new banking platform and mobile app services to Business and IT operations. The CubeMatch team was responsible for planning and executing major releases on the Core Banking Programme. The team successfully developed processes and procedures to ensure smooth transitions through the go-live deployment events, and during the post go-live warranty periods.

CubeMatch Deliverables

An overall programme release and deployment strategy that laid out an integrated deployment plan for major deployment events

Delivered command & control and runbook processes to execute the major technical deployment events in a structured manner

Managed IT risk and control workshops and assessments to ensure an orderly transition to IT operations/services

Worked closely with design, build, test, migration and service transition teams to successfully deploy the systems and processes

CubeMatch Approach

  • Professional team of experienced project and technical release managers
  • Comprehensive command & control processes & procedures for Go-Live
  • Work with and across workstreams and 3rd party providers to develop and obtain stakeholder buy-in and success of deployments
  • Full dress-rehearsals of major events
  • Production proving as part of Go-Live to ensure that system is fully ready for Live operations
  • Post-Go-Live incident management during project warranty period

Benefits Delivered

  • Team with expertise in large scale core banking transformation
  • Successfully controlled and managed major releases
  • Orderly transition to IT operations and third-party service providers
  • IT operations risk and control assessments for major deployments<
  • Proven & reusable processes and procedures for future deployment events